Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Use your hands to touch the lives of others. Literally!

Use your hands to touch the lives of others. Literally!: When finding a new home, we immediately think.. oh lets buy a place there or lets rent this place here. Although these may seem like the average person's options, some Malaysians are not as fortunate to have a place where they can call home.
Due to natural disasters and tight financial circumstances, many Malaysians are forced into homelessness or live in uncomfortable situations for generations due to their lack of education and ability to uproot their families to a greater community.
Although most rural communities do get by with self-built homes, issues like safety and security are not prioritized. This will only result in a dangerous cycle of home calamities that could, in fact, be avoided.With Habitat for Humanity Malaysia, homeowners who need a hand up can now get the support they need if they are also willing to put in their own effort (termed as

Monday, October 17, 2011

Build a home in 3 days!

Build a home in 3 days!: EPIC Homes is an outreach program by EPIC Collaborative that empowers volunteers to build homes for underprivileged communities over a period of 3 days. EPIC Homes has become a platform with the purpose of building relationships between people of different social economical levels and developing leaders through the challenge of constructing and repairing houses.
Currently, EPIC is focused on developing the village of Kampung Ulu/Hulu Tamu where they have already built 2 houses and a veranda. EPIC hopes to build 18 more houses and repair 19 more in the same area. To achieve this, financial support, material sponsors and many willing hands are needed!

Interested to be involved in organizing and project management?
Interested in sponsoring/ funding a house or running a team & house building event for your organization?
Interested in being a volunteer for upcoming events?

Stay tuned for the 2012 schedule real soon! EPIC works on a first come first serve basis so stay alert on http://epichome.org/.
Also, catch the EPIC Team in action here :

Help Nurture the Next-Generation with Positive Character and Life Values

Help Nurture the Next-Generation with Positive Character and Life Values: Generasi Gemilang is a not-for-profit welfare organization that sets out to raise an exemplary next-generation and build stronger families. We nurture the next-generation with positive character development and life values, equip parents and youth to face cyber-related issues, and empower marginalized communities for community transformation.
Check out the various programmes to see how you can volunteer with us to serve all Malaysians.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A Surprising Way to Write a Million Dollar E-Book

Ever since Jim Edwards and I wrote our best-selling e-book, "How to Write and Publish Your Own OUTRAGEOUSLY Profitable e-Book --- in as little as 7 days!," people have written to us for advice on how to pick a good subject for their e-book. While we've addressed that question in our book and in other articles, last night I came across a surprising new way to help you pick a million-dollar winner.

Last night I was reading a wonderful old book on creativity. It's titled 'Direct Creativity' and written by Robert Crawford. It's dated and copies of it sell for a lot of money today but it still contains some pure gold. For example, this amazing insight from the book lit up my brain cells:

"Most things you consider have several possibilities, not just one."

At first glance that tip might not mean anything to you. But imagine you're looking for a topic for your next e-book --- and you want to be sure it will be a winner. Crawford explained his principle this way:

"You are an author. You lack a good subject for a book. You have been reading 'Uncle Tom's Cabin.' But are there not other down-trodden people in the world? There might be a story of a down-trodden Indian, or down-trodden African, or a down-trodden Eskimo, or a down-trodden Chinaman, or maybe a down-trodden white person in a northern city. Perhaps you choose the story of an American Indian because you feel that you have a mission in the world to improve his lot."

Do you see how this works? I love this insight into creativity. What it means for you and your next e-book is this:

Search online for the best-selling books of a few decades ago or even of a century or two ago. Just as 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' was a classic and controversial book of the 1800's, and one you could adapt into an original e-book of your own today, there are countless other once mega-hit books out there that time has forgotten. You can find such a book, model it, and write a new e-book based on its basic and already proven concept.

For example, John Bear wrote a book called 'The #1 New York Times Best-Seller.' It was a reference book consisting of facts about the 484 books that had been New York Times best-sellers (up to 1992, when the book was published). You could flip through it, look for a book that was successful decades ago, and then write an e-book based on the nature of the best-selling book. The chances are extremely high that your new e-book would be a success, too.

Why is this so? The truth is, there are only a finite number of topics available to us as authors. I once read that there are only 36 possible plot situations. You can have millions of novels and screenplays written, but only out of those 36 plots. (See 'The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations' by Georges Polti.) The same holds true for nonfiction. The key is to find a winner from the past and update it with your own style and your own message for today.

Of course, you still have to write a good book. That's where the e-book Jim and I wrote can help you, too. But for a creative way to determine your next e-book, this brilliant method is priceless.

In short: Do a little research, find a successful book of the past, and model it to write a winner of your own today.

Go for it!

About the author: Joe Vitale of www.mrfire.com is author of numerous books, including the international #1 best-seller, "Spiritual Marketing," the best-selling e-book, "Hypnotic Writing," the best-selling Nightingale-Conant audioprogram, "The Power of Outrageous Marketing," and the best-selling e-book (with Jim Edwards) "How to Write and Publish Your Own OUTRAGEOUSLY Profitable e-Book --- in as little as 7 days!" See www.7dayebook.com

Buying e-Books on eBay

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Electronic books or e-Books are texts designed to be read solely on a computer screen using proprietary hardware devices, or multipurpose fixed or portable PCs, or palmtops. They provide texts that take up no space beyond that on the hard-drive you store them on, and can be transmitted through a network. The greatest advantage of e-Books is that you can access the relevant information at the press of a button.

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